Read what our clients have to say!

As we treat our clients, we welcome their families into our family and help everyone along the therapy journey. And even though we may not be treating all of the family members, our therapy touches everyone. No better example than is this testimony by a sibling of a client:

Dear Amy,

Recently I was asked to write a paper about my hero in English class, and I thought you might admire reading it. I know how you don’t get a lot of thank yous for what you do. But, you impact every one of their lives. Helping everyone one person at a time.

I chose you because you help others with their kids/siblings with their needs. But, you did an amazing job helping make my life easier. You’re smart, caring, and hardworking. I love being around you, you always have a positive attitude. you are an amazing role model for others and I.

I hope you realize how much of a difference [you have made] in my life. Thank you for all you’re doing.

Everything Matters

Everyone looks at me and see nothing wrong, a perfect life as one might say. But at home I have a nine yard step sister that has autism and Attachment Disorder. I can see her point of view and it’s hard for her to control her emotions and behavior. Our parents have tried to deal with her behavior by themselves but it was not working. They decided to go to a therapist/physical [occupational] therapist.

We had gone through so many therapists/physical [occupational] therapists and none of them had ever helped us with her. No one had figured that girl out, or listened to what we were saying and just taking K’s lies as the truth. Then we came across Amy Dubey. She has been with us through thick and thin. We started going to her house because her business was really small, and she had the cutest in training therapy dog. So, as any kid K loved the dog because who doesn’t love a puppy.

She had to move because patients keep coming to her for some help with their kids. She has helped so many kids that need some extra help. She goes above and beyond to help everyone that walks through her doors. She shows everyone with kindness and sometimes as simple as making them not feel different. The people who go there probably feel that they are different and don’t really fit in. But, at Therapy Solutions it’s different, you feel like you belong, normal.

Amy Dubey had started her business from going to a handful in her home to a business that keeps expanding. She has become very popular because of how good she is with kids and how good she is at her job. Its like her second home. She loves her  job and how she can help everyone. She doesn’t just help the kids but the whole family. I know my family and I loved how much she helped us and I hope there are more people who get the help they want.

Some people think that a hero is person who has to help save a person, or be on the news because of what they did. In my eyes a hero only has to do is make someone smile, help them even if it’s only doing something that won’t matter in the future. But, that one little thing could change everything. Every moment matters because it will change someone’s future. Like Amy Dubey did for my family and I.


Charles J Huebner MD

I am extremely grateful for the outstanding care that I have received from Beth LaFramboise of Therapy Solutions that has helped me to recover from a severe case of viral encephalitis (brain infection). In April of 2016, I became very ill with a severe headache. The day after the onset of this headache, I ended up in the ER of McLaren Northern Michigan unconscious with continuous seizures. Thanks for excellent medical care, I was stabilized, which included being put on a ventilator. Due to the severity of my illness, I was airlifted to UM and placed in the Neuro Intensive Care Unit. I was at UM until early Summer, when I was transferred to Bay Bluffs Care Facility. That is when I first met Beth LaFamboise MA my speech therapist who works at Therapy Solutions. When Beth first saw me, I was lying in bed in a fetal position, with a feeding tube in my stomach. I was essentially nonverbal. Beth worked with me to help with my swallowing and speech. There, I also had physical therapy to get me walking again. I was able to come home later in the summer of 2016. I had therapy at home after discharge. I made slow progress with my physical abilities, but my physicians felt that I would benefit from further speech therapy. I reconnected with Beth LaFramboise in March of 2017 at Therapy Solutions. I must say that she has been a tremendous help in my recovery from a serious brain injury. As a physician, I had an incomplete view of what speech therapy involves. My view was that therapists helped patients who had strokes or surgery in their throats learn to speak again. As a patient, I have realized how limited and wrong that view was.

There is so much more to Speech-Language therapy. Beth has done an outstanding job of finding out where my brain was not working as well as it could be. She is an excellent diagnostician in this regard. She then came up with an array of assignments and exercises to help correct these deficiencies. She had me working on deductive reasoning problems and other tasks that have been challenging, but helpful. Oh yea, there are homework assignments too ( not open book)! I have noticed significant improvements in mental functions since going to see Beth at Therapy Solutions. My thought processes work more smoothly. I have had less, “analysis paralysis”, as Beth calls it. That is getting stuck in thinking how to do a task, instead of moving ahead and actually doing it. I feel that my reading and comprehension are better. Also, I was able to pass a detailed driving assessment at Munson Hospital and now I am able to drive once more. My wife, Melanie Manary MD, has even noticed some of these improvements. She would also agree with Beth that I have had issues with “analysis paralysis”! Based on my experience as a patient and physician, I give Beth LaFramboise and Therapy Solutions my highest recommendation.


Therapy Solutions is the place to go! Amy Dubey is a brilliant occupational therapist. My daughter has suffered two separate traumatic brain injuries (TBI). We came to Amy the first time and my daughter made significant gains. She then got into another car accident and suffered her second severe traumatic brain injury. We are back with Amy once again. I’ve witnessed more improvement with Amy’s occupational therapy than any other therapies she is participating in. The atmosphere is comfortable, almost like being at home. Northern Michigan is lucky to have a gem like Amy. I know myself and my family are forever grateful for her.


I have worked with Amy and Beth. What a team! I cannot say enough or even come close to the gratitude I have for them both. I came to them after a car accident where I had a closed head injury. My memory, thought process, speech and eyesight were not functioning as they should. You can imagine I came to them with very low self esteem and out of sorts. Amy and Beth worked with me and helped me through this very tough time. They also gave me such encouragement that I know I would have given up if weren’t for them. I now believe in myself and know how to deal with the pain and I am able to function with a smile on my face!


Beth was more than a Speech Therapist to me. In therapy, she helped with my verbal skills, writing and completing thoughts. I still struggle in some areas, but it was Beth’s gentle nature that made me feel that I could keep trying. I continue to move forward to this day. I graduated with high honors from NCMC, and have my own successful new business which allows me to work from home. None of that would be possible without the constant encouragement of all my therapists, but especially Beth.

We are here to coach, guide, support and cheer you and your family on through this journey.